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 With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we provide focused high quality services tailored to each of our client's needs and vision, from simple and "invisible" technical support to unforgettable multimedia spectacles.

Projectors and screens

Images can be projected onto almost anything, limited only by your imagination. Make a statement by projecting onto a building, 3D map an image onto an unusual surface. The options are boundless and we have all the latest technology to make it happen.

At Vtoroy svet, we maintain a large inventory of name brand projectors of all sizes and capabilities. Our projectors are available from 5 000 to 40 000 ANSI lumens and can be used with screens of different sizes. We can supply screens in both 4:3 and 16:9 formats, suitable for front and back projection.


LED technology products

These days LED is everywhere. Vtoroy svet prides to offer the latest in LED technologies and video displays. We have a variety of LED products, from large LED screens to creative LED solutions. Their range of available inventory allows Vtoroy svet to service some of the largest and most comprehensive shows.

Outdoor modular screens

Outdoor LED screens are ideal for concerts, sporting events, entertainment, and festivals. They always deliver the clearest and brightest images in full daylight conditions including direct sunlight. Outdoor LED screens are available to suit most applications in either a hanging or stacking configuration.

Outdoor LED screens may also be used indoors for large venue applications. We can offer a big range of LED screens for outdoor uses. From 8 mm. pixel pitch up to 16 mm.

Indoor modular screens

Indoor LED screens have quickly become the standard display technology for the majority of indoor video screen applications for awards shows, TV Series, trade shows and conventions. Modular LED panels can also be built into a variety of screen configurations of virtually any size in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios. Furthermore, custom LED screen sizes can also be built for more creative applications. We offer three types of indoor screens for hire. 4 mm., 6 mm. and 8 mm. pixel pitch.

Creative LED solutions

Increasingly popular new led technologies include several options for creative use of scenic and set design elements: versa tiles, versa tubes, stealth, transparent LED panels and softled are among the formats available to enhance a set, embellish a stage or add decor to a presentation area.

Decorative and artistic possibilities are extensive, and components can even be arrayed to form actual screen surfaces.


Mobile LED screens NEW!

Vtoroy svet is very pleased to present a NEW product on Russian hire display systems market – Mobile Screens.
Mobile LED screens are popular at outdoor events for their flexibility and outstanding mobility and can be used in places other display set-ups would be impossible. They arrive, and are set-up and running in a very short time for any imaginable application. Trucks are complete with source feed equipment, generators, and self-rising apparatus. Material can be shown in real-time without post-editing and almost all of screens can be rotated 360 degrees, offering arena location flexibility. We drive up to your site, set the truck in place, raise the screen, connect to your video feed and, let’s start show!


Video Production and play-out Systems

If you have plans to use multiple video displays, sources or equipment apart from, or in addition to LED products or projection systems, Vtoroy svet is pleased to offer an extensive list of equipment, including:

         presentation control systems

          media and video servers


          playback decks






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